Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love exemplary from prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad is very loving and gentle on his wives. Here is an example of his amazing attitude that must be followed by every man:
  • Prophet Muhammad was never troubled his wife. If his clothes torn, the Prophet Muhammad himself without telling his wife menampalnya.
  • Prophet Muhammad always responsible for making a living for his family. Example: The Prophet Muhammad himself milking dairy goats for family purposes or for sale.
  • Prophet Muhammad did not hesitate to help his wife in the kitchen. Example: Every time she came to the house, when viewed no cooked food ready to eat, smiling Prophet roll up his sleeves to help his wife in the kitchen.
  • Prophet Muhammad used to call his wife to call affectionate. Example: Aisha r.a. invoked with the call Khumaira (reddish) by him.
  • Prophet Muhammad never urged his wife to provide food. Example: one day, the Prophet Muhammad came home in the morning. He must be very hungry at that time. But he saw nothing for breakfast, even that did not exist because raw Sayidatina 'Aisha has not been to the market. Then he asked, "No breakfast Khumaira ya?" She said with a bit awry, "There is not any Messenger of Allah." Prophet then said, "If it's so fast I just today." Without the least bit annoyed expression reflected in front of him.
  • Rasulullah SAW said, "the best of men are the best, love and gentleness towards his wife."
  • Prophet Muhammad was furious when he saw a man being beat up his wife. Example: one day he saw a man beating his wife. He admonished, "Why did you beat your wife?" The man replied, "My wife was very stubborn! Been given advice he remained stubborn too, so I hit him. "Rasulullah SAW said," I do not ask why, I ask why you hit your bed friend and mother of your children? "
  • Prophet Muhammad remain soft and courteous to his wife. Messenger has always treated his wife very special even though he is the supreme Muslim leader, even when it is the world's greatest leaders.

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