Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meaning of the Human Race From A Concern (Dalai Lama XIV)

      According to scientists, the brain of 6 billion people together, it makes no difference. It makes no difference. There was no obstacle? Certainly there are obstacles, but all of that just on the surface. Love is caring for other people. Especially those we consider enemies. Because if we love and care about the enemy's main source of inner peace. It's important to have some understanding of religious concepts, some truth. Destroy it. Akibatkan fear of coercion. Fear of antagonizing. Anger caused resentment. Then the violence. There are 6 billion people but we are together. Differences of religion, nationality, race or social background, there is an educated one is not, there are some rich poor.
       But the fact to the 6 billion human beings are equal and should love each other, but we see the opposite, we see the conflict, in particular due to religion, we see more and more polarized due to religious issues. Yes we are a different religion, nation, political system or economic system. All this in a religious level. If we are troubled at this level, remember we are human. Then this problem can be solved humanely and peacefully.
      Unfortunately, in human history, I think for a thousand years, the number of conflicts that occur due to differences in beliefs. I think the main cause of this conflict is not the religion itself, but of power, money or personal differences. Then there is no religion. Once this occurs, only the religious beliefs associated emotions. Once you can touch the human emotions, then you can manipulate more quickly and effectively. Some conflict is not due to religion, but other interests, economics, power, nothing else. But in some cases, due to differences in religion, a religion has a concept of truth. Every religion believes his religion is the only true religion.
I think the real power is confidence. Trust is the key. Force than it is in fact false. There is a quote reads, "The power comes from the barrel of a gun". The strength of such a fake. Strength arising from the trust (Dalai Lama)
Then another religion is considered negative. In the past, such attitudes are not a problem in all countries. The concept of a truth and a religion you follow your own religion. Now we are in the 21st century. Not in the last century. First, due to population, both due to technology, and global economy. Now we are all related. It's a reality now. Because it is now in fact, it is very important for us to have a concept of some religious, some truth. With that foundation we can build a true harmony, between different human beings. But for an individual to have a religion of truth is important, therefore maintaining your own beliefs against your religion. But in terms of community, or in humanity, there are many different situation. So some truths, several religions. Like it or not, that's reality. We humans are realistic, then it must accept the reality.
     To achieve a true satisfaction, your life must be meaningful. Your presence is useful and beneficial. Then you feel your life is important and useful. Here meaningful means to benefit others. Starting from the president, king, queen, all have the same desire. And equal rights. All have that right. Life happy, fulfilling life. So if you are dedicating your life for the benefit of others, the daily life even though sometimes there are difficulties, the difficulties it creates a situation where your life becomes worthwhile. (Quoted from the interview Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama from Amdhuk, northeastern Tibet.)

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