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eight ways to prove our love to the prophet muhammad

After our real obligations to love and be loved by the Prophet Muhammad and the arguments naqli aqli clear, let us also try to discuss the sign and proof of one's love and affection towards him. Declaration of love that is not followed by a practical proof of course is still not enough to form a love sejati.Bukti most easily seen, someone who really loves his girlfriend, would put her beloved man from himself and his personal desire. If it does not reach this stage of the relationship is not worth mentioning really love the pure-souled, but it was just a mere indictment.Priority obey and put a loved one is clearly visible in the expression of a lover of Allah and His Prophet SAW who are not familiar, Rabi'a al Adawiyyah in his verse: "Verily, a lover it would be obedient, submissive to the beloved."
Besides having the above spirit, the people who truly love the Prophet Muhammad to be present on her evidence and the following signs:
A. Uphold religious prophet, practicing Sunnah, according to the words and deeds in every condition, carry out and away from the ban behest. He was also the practice of civilized manners of life the Prophet Muhammad in all conditions, both when hard or too happy, as happy or sad. The bond between the 'love' and 'obedience' is evident in the word of Allah: "Say (O Muhammad)," If you really love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you. "(Ali 'Imran: 31)
But the sheer enthusiasm is not enough if it does not pivot on solid science. Moreover at the time of this slander, the failure of a person that knows where the Sunnah and bid'ah will allow trapped into the depths of heresy which is considered as Sunnah.Marginalized Sunnah and bid'ah eventually upheld.
People who are embedded in his heart the true love of the Prophet Muhammad, it is not going to bother with another man's anger in his efforts to obey Allah and His Messenger SAW.
2. Has become customary and commonplace berkasih, a lover will often call and recall of her lover. Indeed, if one's heart that has expressed a love of the Prophet Muhammad, then his tongue will often mention the name of his Beloved Muhammad and his mind will always be expensive box he SAW.
As the people of Muhammad, we are lucky enough to have taught berselawat up our lovers of the Prophet Muhammad as a form of worship to Allah SWT and taqarrub. So we are fortunate to be able to worship with the call, praise and bershalawat to the man we love most to read the verses of the Koran in praise of the Prophet SAW and lafazh shalawat taught himself by his SAW.
We are also taught by the Prophet SAW and SAW sire heirs scholars honor the day and month of the greatness of Islam such as the birthday of Prophet Muhammad and al-Isra 'Mi'raj by filling it with a variety of practices that are all related to the Prophet Muhammad in the framework ubudiah to God Almighty. Although there are few among the Muslims themselves suspect readings and these practices.
To live and fight for the religion as affection berkasih the Prophet felt so wonderful and refreshing. Otherwise without this dimension, live the religion can feel barren and burdensome, and tended to form religious life is hard and rough.
3. People who love the Prophet would always felt a longing to meet Her SAW; to see the natural substance in the eternal future, or at least if you can look at his double-bladed paddle precious items at once in their dreams. Surely every lover is merindui to met and looked at her lover's face.
Longing like this that we feel if we can highlight the lives of friends. For example, we can share the joy and excitement of Abu Musa al Ash'ari ra and his people from the Yemeni delegation to visit Medina.
They accelerate the pace and so excited to see the Messenger of joy chanting poetry: "Tomorrow we will meet our loved one, Muhammad and his companions!" Their arrival in Medina and the Mosque of the Prophet, they continue to face and to glorify the Prophet SAW. (Reported by Al-Bayhaqi)
4. He is someone who loves SAW will also raise up and glorify the command when he included his name. In fact, there are up to show a low sense of self and contempt when he heard his name called in front of their SAW.
Said Ishaq al-Tujibi ra, friends of the Prophet Muhammad after his death he would not name the king SAW but they will humble themselves and shivering and crying because enveloped in a feeling of longing that due to leave him.
This contrasts with some of those who claim to be experts on the religion of our age who do not want to raise and convert the privilege of the Prophet Muhammad but just focus on his message and the Sunnah are taken by him. As if the Prophet SAW posmen just act like sending a letter or messenger subordinates!
Whereas if one creature has special properties, then the properties it was just a human being created in accordance with the limited and obtained a permit, grace and His will.
Loving the Prophet SAW
There are also some of those who reject the use of Sayyidina title to the Prophet while the Prophet more than worthy of that title but in the same time they are free to use a variety of titles in their lives.
5. People who love the Prophet should also be loving those who are loved by the Prophet SAW nasab especially among the offspring of experts in the temple and his friends are composed of the Emigrants and Helpers.
They will also be hostile to those who were hostile to them and hate those who hate them and their descendants.
Essentially, anyone who loves someone, she would love all things favored by their loved ones.
This is the sirah of the Salaf al-Salih, and they will love all that is loved by the Prophet Muhammad, so to things that simply are required and favored by the passions (which are not prohibited by the Shari'a).
Anas ibn Malik for example, after seeing the Prophet looking pumpkin on the tray when you're enjoying the food, since that day he also always liked pumpkin.
6. People who love the Prophet SAW will hate what is hated by Allah and His Messenger, away from people who menyelisihi Sunnah, of heresy in religion and look at the weight every thing contrary to Sharia.
Allah SWT explain: You will never find a people who believe in Allah and the Hereafter, tergamak berkasih intimate with the people who oppose the (command) Allah and His Messenger, even those who opposed it were their fathers, or children, their children or their brothers, or their families. (Al-Mujadalah: 22)
"They" referred to in the paragraph above are the companions of the Prophet Muhammad who had killed their loved ones and their fathers who deny and disbelieve simply expect the pleasure of Allah. Ibn Abbas RA said that among the companions of the Prophet Muhammad meant in the verse, is Abu Ubaidah al-Jarrah.
He was able to kill his father in the battle of Uhud, while Abu Bakr ra able to compete one on one with his son before the start of the battle of Badr, but is prevented by the Prophet Muhammad. This is the proof of love is not to he split up the SAW.
7. People who truly love the Prophet Muhammad is also sure to love for the Qur'an to the Prophet sent a man to her guidance. They will follow in the footsteps he SAW that animates the Qur'an and with it a certain character as confirmed by the Mother of Believers, Ayesha r.ha in saying, "Morals he SAW is the Koran itself."
Love al-Quran means to read it, practice it, understand it, to uphold order and leave the ban.
8. Sign of the love for the Prophet also is feeling the love and compassion towards his people by giving advice to them, trying to do good and remove harm from them.
This is part of the evidence and there must be a sign that the lovers of the Prophet SAW.Accordingly, let us correct ourselves together, whether we are a true lover or a prosecutor solely?
Pat your chest, ask faith. May Allah give us all the perfection of love of the Prophet Muhammad!

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